The Asian Journal of Women's Studies (AJWS) is a quarterly academic journal owned by the Asian Center for Women's Studies (ACWS) of Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, and was first published by Ewha Womans University Press from 1995 to 2014. Since 2015, AJWS has been published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis, the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

As a multi-disciplinary international forum for the presentation of feminist scholarship and criticism in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences, AJWS aims to share and disseminate information and scholarly ideas about women's issues in Asia and all over the world, with the view to develop women's studies in Asia and expand the horizon of western-centered women's studies. The journal offers research articles with a theoretical focus on specific subjects and book reviews on recent publications on women in Asia and elsewhere.

From its publication of Vol. 19, AJWS has been accepting short papers for the Voices from Asian Feminist Activism, a special corner created to capture individual or collective stories, narratives, and experiences of Asian activists, NGOs, and young scholars directly engaged in local activism and grassroots empowerment and emancipation programs for women, by women, through women, and with women. Through this corner, AJWS seeks to provide a platform for theory building based on bold realities, model stories, and compelling challenges faced by women in contemporary Asian societies; to bridge the gap between scholarship of global knowledge and local knowledge; and to enrich women’s studies perspectives by providing an interface with feminist epistemologies from different locales and contexts of Asia. Submitted papers for this corner have to be shorter than the usual articles published in this journal. The papers undergo the same screening procedure and the authors are expected observe the same guidelines set forth by AJWS.

AJWS, a forum on women in Asia, for women and men in Asia, and by feminists all over the world, is the first international academic journal in Women’s Studies in Korea published in English and the first social science journal in Korea included in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). It is also covered by Korea Citation Index (KCI), Alternative Press Index, Feminist Periodicals, Gender Watch, Iowa Guide, Scopus, and EBSCO.