For the development of Asian Women’s Studies, ACWS hold various programs with the aim of training young feminist scholars. ACWS runs programs that aim to share feminist knowledge and build solidarity with the regional communities.
Women of Korea
Women of Korea is women’s studies lecture series, taught in English and for foreigners living in Korea. Started in 1996, the classes are offered twice a year (one in spring and one in fall). The classes aim at better understanding among foreigners interested in Korea of the situation and history of women in the country. It is part of international women’s studies curriculum of Ewha Womans University.
Gender Sensitive Education
This program aims at building a gender-sensitive society and strengthening women’s solidarity in regional communities. This program is usually run in cooperation with other organizations. For example, Women’s Forum in Kyunggido, Gender Sensitivity Improvement Education for Government Officials, and Women Executive Officials’ Meeting, which were jointly held with the Kyunggi Provincial government, sought to propagate gender-sensitive practices at institutional levels.