We invited feminist scholars working in eight Asian countries and held two international workshops. With the workshops, we could understand the central issues Asian feminists are facing today and became aware of the importance of joint research and network building.
The 1st Workshop on Curriculum Development in Asian Women’s Studies (March 1998)
In the first workshop, we exchanged our knowledge about the situation regarding women’s studies in each country and learned from each other’s experiences.
The 2nd Workshop on Curriculum Development in Asian Women’s Studies (September 1998)
In the second workshop, we discussed what are the major topics and basic frameworks in developing a new curriculum.
Scholars in each country held regional workshops to discuss the topics to include in their women’s studies curriculum. In these workshops with 30-35 feminist scholars and activists each from the region and others, participants discussed region-specific issues and sought a new paradigm for women’s solidarity.
Country Workshop Date Host Organization
India 27-30 Jan. 1999 Isabella Thoburn College
Philippine 14-16 July. 1999 Philippine Women's Institute
Thailand 30-31 July. 1999 Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen
Indonesia 2-4 Oct. 1999 Women's Studies Graduate Program, University of Indonesia
China 21-23 Oct. 1999 Women's College, China Women's Research Center
Japan 26-28 Oct. 1999 Women's Studies Center, Osaka Women's University
Taiwan 8-10 Sept. 1999 Women's Research Program, National Taiwan University
Korea 22-23 Sept. 1999 Department of Women's Studies, Ewha Women's University
In this period, we focused on preparing eight volumes for Asian women’s studies texts. Each research team worked on major topics such as family, labor and sexuality and special topics of religion and health. We especially focused on developing country specific frameworks. For this, we also organized Women’s Studies in Asia 2000 in Oct 18-21, 2000 in Ewha Womans University. Participants discussed what could be Asian women’s studies and the problem of writing histories of women’s studies in Asia.
We published a textbook that discusses the meaning of women’s studies in Asia in 2005 (The Japanese edition is forthcoming). Our series of women’s studies textbooks discuss specific situations of women in South Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand and the Philippines and are published by the Ewha Woman’s University Press. We hope the volumes will contribute to better understanding of issues regarding women in these countries.
The center also organized a round table on the new publications in June 23, 2005 in LG Convention Hall, Ewha Womans University.