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Director’s Message

We are all very grateful for the deep concern and support you have shown to us at the Center. We would like to inform you of our activities over the last six months. We are especially pleased to report that Asian Journal of Women’s Studies was given an Impact Factor (IF) ranking of 0.360, our highest so far. We hope to meet all of you next year again with more exciting feminist projects and programs enabling scholars and activists to network globally, share their experiences, and actively support the goals of Asian Women’s Studies.  

November, 2008
Director, HUH Ra-Keum



|  International Academic Exchanges in 2008 #2  |

International Symposiums on Future Sustainability in Seoul

The first round of an international symposium on future sustainability , co-hosted by the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center and the Women’s Studies Center of Osaka Prefecture University was held on Thursday, August 21 at the Ewha Womans University International Education Building LG Convention Hall. Speakers Prof. Lee Jae-Kyung (EWU) and Prof. Oishi Nana (International Christian University) each delivered keynote speeches, “Love Goes to the Market?: The Meaning of Love and Intimacy in Migration Marriage” (Lee) and “Family Without Border?: Asian Women in Migration and the Transformation of Family Lives” (Oishi). The themes were “Women’s Migration in Asia & Family Change” (Session 1) and “Transnational Family Lives” (Session 2). In addition, there was one-day study tour program to the Ansan Immigrant Center (Shelter) and Ansan Migrant Community Service Center, followed by a workshop held on August 22, focusing on the issue of “Gender and Migration Policy in Asian Countries”. It proved a fruitful opportunity to bridge diverse locations and theoretical discussions.

Exchange Program between Korean and Japanese Women Intellectuals in 2008

Following the 2006-7 program , ACWS hosted another exchange program between Korean and Japanese intellectuals on October 30, 2008. It featured a symposium entitled held at EWU International Education Building LG Convention Hall, and a 2-day study-tour and workshop entitled at Seongmi Mountain in Mapo-gu, Seoul and Silsangsa at Namwon at Jeonnam province. The symposium was a sequel to the previous program held in August, . On the Korean side, Prof. Lee Sang-Wha (Dept. of Philosophy, EWU) delivered a keynote speech entitled , and on the Japanese side, Ms. Mataki Kyoko (Director General of Children’s Future School) also gave a speech concerning private sector Models of Welfare Communities in Japan. In respect to present caring issues Asian communities have confronted, Dr. Yoon Jayoung (Korea Labor Institute), Ms. Shinozaki Masami (Kitakyushu Forum on Asia), Prof. Sasatani Harumi (Hokkaido University of Education, Sapporo) and Ms. Min Yang-Woon (Daejeon Women’s Association for Democracy) gave presentations using diverse approaches ranging from economic to sociological, empirical to comparative-case studies perspectives. Another Exchange program between Korean and Japanese intellectuals will be held from March 26 through March 28 at Osaka in Japan (co-hosted by Osaka Prefecture University, Women’s Studies Center and ACWS at EWU). ,>·nation-state·women>

International Spring Lecture Sessions

2008 (organized and hosted by ACWS) was held on April 16-17 at Ewha-Shinsege Building 301, EWU. On the first day, Prof. Catherine Waldby at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at University of Sydney gave a lecture entitled “Stem Cell Technologies and Women’s Bodies”, followed by Prof. Takemura Kazuko (Ochanomizu Women’s University)’s lecture on “Violence, Gender, and Narrative in the Post-Liberationist Age” on the following day. Since the summer of 2002, ACWS has organized a series of international lecture sessions to provide a forum for articulating and crystallizing ideas for Women’s Studies research and teaching in Asia. These spring lecture sessions are the third since the previous Spring of 2002 and Summer of 2006 (Related materials available in Korean at the Center)

International Summer Lecture Sessions

2008 (organized by ACWS and co-hosted by the Asian Center for Women’s Studies and Korean Women’s Institute at EWU and supported by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia) was held on July 29-31 at the Ewha-Shinsege Building 301, EWU. Lots of scholars, in and out of Korea, who have been working on theorizing global problems of “female identity, “global justice”, and “multiculturalism” from feminist perspectives lectured at this program on the topic of Asian women’s issues. These included Profs, Rosi Bridotti (Utrecht Univ., Netherlands), Lind Alcoff (Syracuse Univ. U.S.A.), Hye-ryong Kang (Univ. of Nevada, U.S.A.), Swanna Satha-Anand (Chulalongkorn Univ., Thailand), and Huh Ra-Keum (EWU). In addition, there were two ‘Young Feminist Sessions’ in the program for which international students of women’s studies from Asian countries were invited to participate.



|  Seminars  |

Thematic Seminars

The 2007-8 seminar series on was successfully competed last May. Another series will be kicking off at the Center beginning this December. The seminars will focus mostly on the application processes of biotechnologies, investigation of the global and local specific contexts of technological developments, the diverse effects of biotechnologies on women, and methodologies to help address those problematics and to figure out alternative solutions.

Ewha Forum for Women's Studies
ACWS has consecutively sponsored its since 1996, enabling the production of feminist discourse and knowledge as well as exchanges of knowledge and research by well-known feminist scholars. On June 16th, Prof. Chunghee Soh from the Department of Anthropology at San Francisco State University presented a lecture on “Korean Women’s Political Participation, 1948-2008”. This lecture was a precious learning opportunity to gain theoretical understanding of changing gender-roles through interrelations between social-cultural dynamics and individual adaptation. In addition, it was possible to understand the process and conditions in which Korean women engaged in political activities from a cultural- anthropological perspective.

ACWS held another on July 14. Prof. Hyun Kyung Chung from Union Theological Seminary gave a lecture entitled “Issues on Dialogues among Religions from a Gender Perspective”. The event served as a dynamic space for discussion regarding the present reality of emerging patriarchal religious essentialism and women’s reaction.



|  Publications  |

In 2008, ACWS published Vol. 14 No. 1-3 of Asian Journal Women’s Studies (AJWS). Free online access is available to full texts 2 years after their publication.

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