[V23-N2-V1] “Mother of orphans”- Sindhutai Sapkal

Author Kalaa Chenji & Raghavendra Sode
Date 2017년 6월




This article traces the journey of a woman by the name of Sindhutai Sapkal. In her childhood, she faced discrimination as an unwanted girl child; she was married at an early age and abandoned by her husband during her third pregnancy at the age of 20. But her determination to overcome all the tribulations of life through her perseverance to live and bring about change in the lives of orphaned children makes her a role model for women around the world to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Sindhutai constructed over six orphanages in Maharashtra, India to provide food, shelter, and education to such children. Her success in providing basic facilities to orphans made her a truly empowered woman. But her struggle continues, while she raises funds to run her orphanages.

KEYWORDS: discrimination, orphanages, unwanted girl child, struggle, empowered woman