[V23-N1-2] Matriarchal studies: Past debates and new foundations

Author Goettner-Abendroth Heide
Date 2017년 3월



Two questions at the beginning
The misinterpretation of the concept matriarchyas rule by mothers or womenhas led hundreds of scholars operating within the patriarchal frame-work to adhere to this fiction in their citations; some even consider it good style to constantly parade this misconception like a mantra. Other scholars have combed through historical and ethnological records with smug irony, searching far and wide for such societies and of course not finding any. This shows that the definition of matriarchyas rule by mothersis an empty one, which can neither be used nor cited. How is it possible to do scho-larly work without ever having defined the area under discussion properly? The other fundamental question here is, how can anyone know anything with certainty about matriarchy, and how can one define it at all if the subject is pushed to the margins and buried in prejudices? What are the methods to redefine it, based on fact not ideology?