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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
480 [V21-N3-BR] The valley of amazement J. Amutha MONICA and S. Usha KALYANI 2015년 9월
479 [V21-N2-1] Why do women's cooperative societies languish? A study of selected societies in Kattayam, Kerala Nisha Velappan NAIR and John S. MOOLAKKATTU 2015년 6월
478 [V21-N2-2] Negotiated identities: Between "moral career" and professional career of single mother in Jakarta Deborah N. SIMORANGKIR 2015년 6월
477 [V21-N2-3] Rethinking the idiom for feminist pedagogy: The collaboration of theory and activism Yoonkyeong NAH 2015년 6월
476 [V21-N2-V1] "nDuwini Ibu Pertewi" (Keeping the motherland): Women's agency to resists cement plants in Tegaldowo and Tembrangan villages, Rembang Dian LESTARININGSIH and Wariyatun 2015년 6월
475 [V21-N2-V2] Dalit women's quest for justice: Cases from India and Bangladesh Jaya SHRIVASTAVA and Rangabi TANCHANGYA 2015년 6월
474 [V21-N2-V3] Women after the tsunami: Impact, empowerment and changes in post-disaster situation of Sri Lanka and Aceh, Indonesia Ruwani RENUKA and Eka SRIMULYANI 2015년 6월
473 [V21-N2-BR] Leftover women: The resurgence of of gender inequality in China Nadine GRAHAM 2015년 6월
472 [V21-N1-Ed Note] Editor's Note Chang Pilwha 2015년 3월
471 [V21-N1-1] The Great Kantō Earthquake and “Life-rationalization” by modern Japanese women Eun-gyong LEE 2015년 3월
470 [V21-N1-2] Livelihoods for women in Mindanao: A post-conflict reconstruction approach Karina R. SANTILLAN 2015년 3월
469 [V21-N1-3]Comfort Women: A Focus on Recent Findings from Korea and China SinCheol Lee & Hye-in Han 2015년 3월
468 [V21-N1-V1] Psychological counselling for women garment factory workers of Sri Lanka Vidarshani Nadeesha Perera-Desilva 2015년 3월
467 [V21-N1-V2] Patterns of help-seeking among women experiencing intimate partner violence in Malaysia Tengku Nur Fadzilah Tengku Hassan, Siti Hawa Ali & Halim Salleh 2015년 3월
466 [V21-N1-BR1] New South Asian Feminisms: Paradoxes and Possibilities Pooja Juyal 2015년 3월
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