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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
502 [V22-N1-3] Marriage in early twentieth century Northern India: Hindi literature vis-à-vis social transformations Justyna WIŚNIEWSKA-SING 2016년 3월
501 [V22-N1-4] Instant mobility, stratified prostitution market: The politics of belonging of Korean women selling sex in the U.S. Joohee KIM 2016년 3월
500 [V22-N1-V1] Accusations of witchcraft in Nepal: Problems and impact on women Raj Kumari GURUNG 2016년 3월
499 [V22-N1-V2] Training instruments for environmental justice for women in Indonesia: A community development project of ASEAN Study Centre Desintha D. ASRIANI 2016년 3월
498 [V22-N1-BR1] The gift in the heart of language: The maternal source of meaning CHANG Pilwha 2016년 3월
497 [V22-N1-BR2] Gender and law in the Japanese Imperium Judel PAREDES 2016년 3월
496 [V21-N4-1] Under the covers: Image and imagination in Korean popular music albums Heather A. WILLOUGHBY 2015년 12월
495 [V21-N4-2] Financial support for women under Islamic family law in Bangladesh and Malaysia Raihanah ABDULLAH, Taslima MONSOOR, Fuadah JOHARI and Wirdati MOHD RADZI 2015년 12월
494 [V21-N4-3] Labor market outcomes for women in East Asia Jayoung Yoon 2015년 12월
493 [V21-N4-4] Precarious motherhood: Lives of Southeast Asian marriage migrant women in Korea Euna LEE, Seung-kyung KIM, and Jae Kyung LEE 2015년 12월
492 [V21-N4-5] Verbal sexual harrassment: A hidden problem for Turkish adolescent girls Işıl IŞIK and Özen KULAKAÇ 2015년 12월
491 [V21-N4-V1] Human trafficking in Nepal: Changing dimensions Palita THAPA 2015년 12월
490 [V21-N4-V2] Using education-entertainment in breaking the silence about sexual violence against women in Vietnam PHAM Thanh Giang 2015년 12월
489 [V21-N4-BR1] Women and law: Critical feminist perspectives Zandra GREEN 2015년 12월
488 [V21-N4-BR2] China’s leftover women: Late marriage among professional women and its consequences Qian LIU 2015년 12월
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