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523 [V22-N3-2] Broken global explorations: The lived experience of Korean women working in the entertainment and sex industries in Sydney Kyungja JUNG, Haeyoung JANG, and Bronwen DALTON 2016년 9월
522 [V22-N3-3] Gender and migration: Employment of rural migrants in South China’s factories Chunlan GUO and Jianfa SHEN 2016년 9월
521 [V22-N3-4] Gender differences in personal and interpersonal emotional outcomes from family work Nurit FINKEL and Marilyn P. SAFIR 2016년 9월
520 [V22-N3-5] How can family policies reconcile fertility and women’s employment? Comparisons between South Korea and Sweden Soomi LEE, Ann-Zofie DUVANDER, and Steven H. ZARIT 2016년 9월
519 [V22-N3-6] Do home-based micro-entrepreneurial earnings empower rural women? Evidence from the handloom sector in Assam Bhabesh HAZARIKA and Kishor GOSWAMI 2016년 9월
518 [V22-N3-7] The effect of microfinance on women’s empowerment: Evidence from Malaysia Sayed Samer Ali AL-SHAMI, Muhammad M. RAZALI, Izaidin MAJID, Ahmed ROZELAN, and Nurulizwa RASHID 2016년 9월
517 [V22-N3-V1] Women’s political participation in South Korea and activist organizations OH Kyung Jin 2016년 9월
516 [V22-N3-BR1] Gendered entanglements: Revisiting gender in rapidly changing Asia Marilyn Porter 2016년 9월
515 [V22-N3-BR2] Women, war, and the making of Bangladesh: Remembering 1971 Saskia E. Wieringa 2016년 9월
514 [V22-N3-BR3] Women and aging: An international, intersectional power perspective Mala Kapur Shankardass 2016년 9월
513 [V22-N2-1] Lamenting loss: Transforming Confucian womanhood in modern China Eliza, S. K. LEONG 2016년 6월
512 [V22-N2-2] A red card for women: Female officials ostracized in South Korean football KIM Min-Chul and HONG Eunah 2016년 6월
511 [V22-N2-3] Colloquial Modernizations in Taiwanese Gendered ‘Spouse Talk’ Grace Hui Chin LIN and Douglas S. JARVIE 2016년 6월
510 [V22-N2-4] Gender, ethnicity, and grassroots governance in Arunachal Pradesh, India Aparimita MISHRA and Deepak K. MISHRA 2016년 6월
509 [V22-N2-V1] Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR): An effective framework for empowering grassroots women & strengthening feminist movements in Asia Pacific Trimita CHAKMA 2016년 6월
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