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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
28 [V3-N2-1] Contemporary Western Feminist Perspectiveson Prostitution Alison M. Jaggar 1997년 06월
27 [V3-N1-BR3] The Confucian Transformation of Korea: A Study of Society and Ideology Park Jin-Sook 1997년 03월
26 [V3-N1-BR2] Material Girls:Making Sense of Feminist Cultural Theory Kim Hyun Mee 1997년 03월
25 [V3-N1-N] New Trends in Women's Studies in China Zhang Qi 1997년 03월
24 [V3-N1-BR1] Gender Politics in Modern China: Writing and Feminism Shiela Miyoshi Jager 1997년 03월
23 [V3-N1-R] Two Women's Studies Conferences in China: Report by an American Feminist Philosopher Ann Ferguson 1997년 03월
22 [V3-N1-PN] My Way into Women's Studies Du Fangqin 1997년 03월
21 [V3-N1-4] Fertility Control, Reproductive Rights, and Women's Empowerment in Korea Cho Hyoung 1997년 03월
20 [V3-N1-3] Amerasian Children of GI Town: A Legacy of U.S. Militarism in South Korea Margo Okazawa-Rey 1997년 03월
19 [V3-N1-2] Inventing a Moral Crisisand the Singapore State Kuah Khun Eng 1997년 03월
18 [V3-N1-1] Flexible Labor Regimes, New Technologiesand Women's Labor: Case Studies of Two Electronics Firms in Malaysia Maznah Mohamad & Cecilia Ng 1997년 03월
17 [V2-CR3] Women in Malaysia: Present Struggles and Future Diredtions Cecilia Ng 1996년 05월
16 [V2-CR2] The Making of a History of Feminism in Japan Ueno Chizuko 1996년 05월
15 [V2-CR1] It's Not Only to Say to Patriarchy: Feminism in Women's Movement in Indonesia 1990s Myra Diarsi 1996년 05월
14 [V2-5] Women's Place in Familyand Society: Social Transformation and Gender Relations in China Wang Yunxian 1996년 05월
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