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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
15 [V2-CR1] It's Not Only to Say to Patriarchy: Feminism in Women's Movement in Indonesia 1990s Myra Diarsi 1996년 05월
14 [V2-5] Women's Place in Familyand Society: Social Transformation and Gender Relations in China Wang Yunxian 1996년 05월
13 [V2-4] Normalization of Siumi Maria Tam 1996년 05월
12 [V2-3] Creating a Public Sphere: A Self-Portrait in the Women's Studies Movement of China Li Xiaojiang 1996년 05월
11 [V2-2] Feminist Analysis of Life Histories of Hawaii's Early Asian Immigrant Women Alice Yun Chai 1996년 05월
10 [V2-1] A Feminist View of Social Policy in Some East Asian Countries Pilwha Chang 1996년 05월
9 [V1-BR2] Gender Division of Labor in Korea Pamela Smiley 1995년 05월
8 [V1-BR1] Women of Japan and Korea: Continuity and Change Lee Sook-Jong 1995년 05월
7 [V1-7] Women's Movement, Women's Studies Chiang Lan-hung 1995년 05월
6 [V1-6] Case Studies of Women's Empowerment in India Malavika Karlekar 1995년 05월
5 [V1-5] Political Participation of Japanese Women and Local Self-Governments: Its Trend and Review Yazawa Sumiko 1995년 05월
4 [V1-4] International English and ChineseWomen: Clients or Colleagues in theInternational Utilitarian DiscourseSystem? Ron Scollon 1995년 05월
3 [V1-3] Gender, Class, and Family in Late-Industrializing South Korea Kim Myung-hye 1995년 05월
2 [V1-2] Female Gender Subjectivity Constructed by Kim Eun-Shil 1995년 05월
1 [V1-1] Empowerment or Embellishment?: The Case of All-Women Police Stations in Madras, India Prema Kasturi 1995년 05월
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