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547 [V23-N2-BR1] Motherhood and work in contemporary Japan Norainie Ahmad 2017년 6월
546 [V23-N2-BR2] Marriage migration in Asia: Emerging minorities at the frontiers of nation-state Jue Sun 2017년 6월
545 [V23-N1-1] Editor's Note Chang Pilwha 2017년 3월
544 [V23-N1-2] Matriarchal studies: Past debates and new foundations Goettner-Abendroth Heide 2017년 3월
543 [V23-N1-3] Reconstructing Her-Story: The interdisciplinary method applied to East Asia at the Ewha Global Empowerment Program van der Meer Annine 2017년 3월
542 [V23-N1-4] Woman, body, and posthumanism: Lee Bul’s cyborgs and monsters Jeon Hyesook 2017년 3월
541 [V23-N1-5] Rescuing female desire from revolutionary history: Chinese women’s cinema in the 1980s Lidan Hu 2017년 3월
540 [V23-N1-6] A gender-based analysis of multidimensional poverty in China Wu Yichao & Qi Di 2017년 3월
539 [V23-N1-7] Family structures and women’s status in rural areas of Xining, China: A family image study in the villages of Qinghai province Zhou Ting, Onojima Moe, Kameguchi Kenji & Yi Chunli 2017년 3월
538 [V23-N1-V1] Blurring boundaries in women’s organizations in Malaysia: When the personal becomes the professional Bandali Alifa 2017년 3월
537 [V23-N1-V2] Revisiting the Devyani Khobragade controversy: The value of domestic labor in the global south Grover Shalini 2017년 3월
536 [V23-N1-BR1] Embodying motherhood: Perspectives from contemporary India Park Aileen C. 2017년 3월
535 [V23-N1-BR2] Geling Yan's The Flowers of War: Bitterness and Sacrifice in Colonized China Altaher Bassmah Bassam 2017년 3월
534 [V22-N4-1] The memory and experience of a workwoman: How do Chinese workers spend their lives in Weaving Girl (2008) WANG Xiaoping 2016년 12월
533 [V22-N4-2] A feminist pedagogy through online education CHUNG Young Ai 2016년 12월
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