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559 [V23-N2-1] Whither feminist alliance? Secular feminists and Islamist women in Turkey Hulya Simga & Gulru Z. Goker ORCID 2017년 9월
558 [V23-N3-2] Evaluating Labor Force Participation of Women in Japan and Korea: Developments and Future Prospects Jean S. Kang 2017년 9월
557 [V23-N3-3] Motherly Affection as Tactics: Negotiating the Bourgeois Household in Higuchi Ichiyō’s Kono ko Tomoko Seto 2017년 9월
556 [V23-N3-4] Piety and Sexuality in a Public Sphere: Experiences of Javanese Muslim Women’s Political Leadership Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi 2017년 9월
555 [V23-N3-5] Opportunities and Challenges to Gender Quotas in Local Politics: The Case of Municipal Council Elections in South Korea Jiso Yoon & Ki-young Shin 2017년 9월
554 [V23-N2-1] Ambivalent gender power in interstitial space: The case of transnational South Korean mothers Kyungju Ahn 2017년 6월
553 [V23-N2-2] Out of the shadows: Women and wage struggle in the RMG industry of Bangladesh Soma Dey & Palash Basak 2017년 6월
552 [V23-N2-3] Korean women in the forest mushroom industry: A case study Semyong Jeong & Kyunghee Shin 2017년 6월
551 [V23-N2-4] Recasting respectability: Imagination, desire and modernity among call-center workers in India Swati Mishra 2017년 6월
550 [V23-N2-5] “Just being real”: A post-colonial critique on Amerasian engagement in Central Luzon’s sex industry Lora Chapman 2017년 6월
549 [V23-N2-V1] “Mother of orphans”- Sindhutai Sapkal Kalaa Chenji & Raghavendra Sode 2017년 6월
548 [V23-N2-V2] Indigenous women and the law: The consciousness of marginalized women in the Philippines Arneil G. Gabriel 2017년 6월
547 [V23-N2-BR1] Motherhood and work in contemporary Japan Norainie Ahmad 2017년 6월
546 [V23-N2-BR2] Marriage migration in Asia: Emerging minorities at the frontiers of nation-state Jue Sun 2017년 6월
545 [V23-N1-1] Editor's Note Chang Pilwha 2017년 3월
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