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574 [V24-N2-3] The abolition of the adultery law in South Korea: A critique Jae Joon Chung & Junxia Liu 2018년 6월
573 [V24-N2-4] Gender mainstreaming in politics: Perspective of female politicians from Pakistan Rubeena Zakar, Muhammad Zakria Zakar & Naqib Hamid 2018년 6월
572 [V24-N2-5] More than double jeopardy: An intersectional analysis of persistent income disadvantages of Chinese female migrant workers Yixuan Wang, Cheng Cheng & Yanjie Bian 2018년 6월
571 [V24-N2-6] From the stage to reality: Indigenization of The Vagina Monologues in China as feminist activism Shuyan Zhou 2018년 6월
570 [V24-N2-7] Anti-sexual violence movement against punitive measures: The feminist activism of Korean WomenLink Hana Choi-Kim 2018년 6월
569 [V24-N1-1] Re-thinking ‘Matriarchy’ in Modern Matriarchal Studies using two examples: The Khasi and the Mosuo Heide Goettner-Abendroth 2018년 3월
568 [V24-N1-2] Meaning in absence: The case of tampon use among Chinese women Liqi Ren, Denis Simon & Jianfeng Wu 2018년 3월
567 [V24-N1-3] To veil or not to veil: Turkish and Iranian hijab policies and the struggle for recognition Gi Yeon Koo & Ha Eun Han 2018년 3월
566 [V24-N1-4] A critical assessment of abortion law and its implementation in South Korea Hyosin Kim & Hyun-A Bae 2018년 3월
565 [V24-N1-5] Using ‘classic reading instruction’ to raise students’ gender awareness: Students’ perceptions of their learning experiences at a Taiwanese university Yi-lin Yu 2018년 3월
564 [V24-N1-6] Female Korean golfers in the LPGA tour: Positive and negative outcomes Hojun Sung, Young-A Yang & Kisung Dennis Kwon 2018년 3월
563 [V23-N4-1] Between heroism and despair: Opportunities and barriers for women in the early Korean Catholic Church Deberniere J. Torrey 2017년 12월
562 [V23-N4-2] Gendered jobs and occupational prestige in Turkey: Women in the hierarchy elevator Aslı Ermiş-Mert 2017년 12월
561 [V23-N4-3] Outside the net: Intersectionality and inequality in the fisheries of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka Gayathri Lokuge & Dorothea Hilhorst 2017년 12월
560 [V23-N4-4] From ‘fire-brand’ to ‘water-brand’: The caste politics of Uma Bharati Nandita Banerjee Dhawan 2017년 12월
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