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583 [V24-N4-6] Democratizing the roles of women: Reading feminist voices S. Thianlalmuan Nghaihte 2018년 12월
582 [V24-N3-1] Preachers, pirates and peace-building: Examining non-violent hegemonic masculinities in Aceh Rahel Kunz, Henri Myrttinen & We 2018년 9월
581 [V24-N3-2] The role of higher education in strengthening women’s participation in the workforce: The lived experiences of females in Japan Diane Rodriguez-Kiino 2018년 9월
580 [V24-N3-3] Gender and labor ethics in aesthetic labor: Female students of specialized vocational home economics high schools in Korea Kim Aera 2018년 9월
579 [V24-N3-4] Third generation sexism in workplaces: Evidence from India Sangeeta Goel 2018년 9월
578 [V24-N3-5] Adding insult to injury: Sexual harassment in Hong Kong churches Tso Hiu-Tung Jessica 2018년 9월
577 [V24-N3-6] Mothers, wives, and farmers: Stories of women ‘gone mad’ Kenette Jean Millondaga 2018년 9월
576 [V24-N2-1] Not a mother, yet a woman: Exploring experiences of women opting out of motherhood in India Chandni Bhambhani & Anand Inbanathan 2018년 6월
575 [V24-N2-2] “Somehow, I will convince my people, … . I will have to follow but I won’t accept everything”: Asian women’s empowerment via higher education Sara Nuzhat Amin 2018년 6월
574 [V24-N2-3] The abolition of the adultery law in South Korea: A critique Jae Joon Chung & Junxia Liu 2018년 6월
573 [V24-N2-4] Gender mainstreaming in politics: Perspective of female politicians from Pakistan Rubeena Zakar, Muhammad Zakria Zakar & Naqib Hamid 2018년 6월
572 [V24-N2-5] More than double jeopardy: An intersectional analysis of persistent income disadvantages of Chinese female migrant workers Yixuan Wang, Cheng Cheng & Yanjie Bian 2018년 6월
571 [V24-N2-6] From the stage to reality: Indigenization of The Vagina Monologues in China as feminist activism Shuyan Zhou 2018년 6월
570 [V24-N2-7] Anti-sexual violence movement against punitive measures: The feminist activism of Korean WomenLink Hana Choi-Kim 2018년 6월
569 [V24-N1-1] Re-thinking ‘Matriarchy’ in Modern Matriarchal Studies using two examples: The Khasi and the Mosuo Heide Goettner-Abendroth 2018년 3월
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