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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
420 [V19-N3-4] Scheherazad’s Daughters: Views From A Muslim Diasporic Woman Writer RUZY SULIZA Hashim, RAIHANAH M.M., and NORAINI Md. Yusof 2013년 9월
419 [V19-N3-5] Expanding the Feminist Politics of Reproduction in the Context of the Developmental Hegemony of South Korea Songwoo HUR 2013년 9월
418 [V19-N3-6] Does Gender Play a Role in Divorce Mediation?: Working Pattern of Women Judges in China WEI Shuai and XIN Xin 2013년 9월
417 [V19-N3-V1] Organizing Urban Poor Women in Securing Housing and Land Tenure in Manila Maria Cristina JURADO 2013년 9월
416 [V19-N3-V2] Agro-feminism: An Ideology of Hope for Dalit Women P. VEDHANAYAGI 2013년 9월
415 [V19-N3-BR1] Patriarchy in East Asia: A Comparative Sociology of Gender (Higashi Ajia No Kafuchosee) Ma. Theresa T. PAYONGAYONG 2013년 9월
414 [V19-N3-BR2] Social Inclusion and Women Health: Perspectives and Issues, Vols. I & II Mala Kapur SHANKARDASS 2013년 9월
413 [V19-N2-1] Dependence on Family Ties and Household Division of Labor in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan Young-Mi KIM 2013년 6월
412 [V19-N2-2] Migrant’s Love(s): The Changing Nature of Relationships in Post-Earthquake Pakistan-administered Kashmir Miguel LOUREIRO 2013년 6월
411 [V19-N2-3] Representation of Sexual Violence in Turkish Cinema and Television Series Gökhan GÖKULU 2013년 6월
410 [V19-N2-4] Another Hurdle for Married Women: Private Tutoring of Children and Women’s Labor in Korea Hyung-Jai CHOI 2013년 6월
409 [V19-N2-5] Reconstruction of Post-resettlement Gender Relations: The Kenyah-Badeng of Sungai Asap, Sarawak, Malaysia Welyne J. JEHOM 2013년 6월
408 [V19-N2-6] Uncultivated Biodiversity in Women’s Hand: How to Create Food Sovereignty Hayu Dyah PATRIA 2013년 6월
407 [V19-N2-7] The Situation of Kachin Women during the Current Political Crisis YING Lwin 2013년 6월
406 [V19-N2-BR] Making and Faking Kinship: Marriage and Labor Migration between China and South Korea Bubbles Beverly Neo ASOR 2013년 6월
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