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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
405 [V19-N1-1] Editor’s Note ACWS 2013년 3월
404 [V19-N1-2] Single Working Women and Motherhood: The Personal and the Political Evelyn G. H. NG and Catherine W. NG 2013년 3월
403 [V19-N1-3] The Impact of Rural-urban Migration on Gender Relations in Chinese Households Chuanhong ZHANG, Qijie GAO and Xiaoyun LI 2013년 3월
402 [V19-N1-4] The Role of “Occupy for Reproductive Health” as a Political Tool for Women’s Rights and Empowerment1 Cherish Aileen A. BRILLON 2013년 3월
401 [V19-N1-5] Women, Micro-finance and Income Generation after the Political Conflict and the Tsunami in Aceh Eka SRIMULYANI 2013년 3월
400 [V19-N1-6] Re-vitalize, Re-strategize and Re-politicize the Chinese Women’s Movement in the New Era CAI Yiping 2013년 3월
399 [V19-N1-7] Human Rights and the LGBTI Movement in Indonesia KHANIS Suvianita 2013년 3월
398 [V19-N1-BR] Passionate Friendship: The Aesthetics of Girls’ Culture in Japan Hyojin KIM 2013년 3월
397 [V18-N4-1]Colliding Gender Imaginaries: Transnational Debates about Full Ordinationfor Tibetan Buddhist Nuns Michelle HANNAH 2012년 12월
396 [V18-N4-2]Resisting the Power of the Gendered Gaze:Metonymic Self-Descriptionthrough Digital Photography Ae-Ryung KIM 2012년 12월
395 [V18-N4-3]Modern Changes in Korean Residential Culture and Women’s Everyday Life:A Micro-historical Perspective Nam-Il JUN and Miryum CHUNG 2012년 12월
394 [V18-N4-4]Media Frames and Ethnic Minority Women in Korea: Expanding a Generic Frame in Minority Studies CHO Moonhee, LEE Jaejin, and IM Jinsook 2012년 12월
393 [V18-N4-BR1]Sex Work Matters: Exploring Money, Power, and Intimacy in the Sex Industry, Melissa H. Ditmore, Antonia Levy, and Alys Willman (eds.), Zed Books, 2010, 320 pages Taeyun JUNG and Young-Jin CHOI 2012년 12월
392 [V18-N4-BR2]Women, Gender and Disaster: Global Issues and Initiatives, Elaine Enarson and P.G. Dhar Chakrabarti (eds.), Sage Publications, 2009, 380 pages Mala Kapur SHANKARDASS 2012년 12월
391 [V18-N3-1]Feminist Teaching Practice in Masculine Higher Education Institutions in Taiwan YANG Hsing-Chen 2012년 9월
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