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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
435 [V20-N1-V1] Women’s Potential in Dealing with Natural Disasters: A Case Study from Sri Lanka Saranga Subhashini JAYARATHNE 2014년 3월
434 [V20-N1-V2] Endless Misery of Nimble Fingers: The Rana Plaza Disaster Shamima AKHTER 2014년 3월
433 [V20-N1-V3] Storm of Violence, Surge of Struggle: Women in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Kristine Aquino VALERIO 2014년 3월
432 [V20-N1-V4] Women’s Empowerment in Building Disaster Resilient Communities Kalpana ARYAL 2014년 3월
431 [V20-N1-BR] Sex and Desire in Hong Kong Meekyoung LEE
430 [V19-N4-1] The Postcolonial Politics of Food: Creating ‘Locality’ through Local Knowledge KIM Eun-Shil 2013년 12월
429 [V19-N4-2] Reappraising China’s One-Child Family Policy:Do Girls and Women Suffer or Benefit? Yuen Ting LEE 2013년 12월
428 [V19-N4-3] Changing Patterns of Matchmaking: The Indian Online Matrimonial Market Fritzi-Marie TITZMANN 2013년 12월
427 [V19-N4-4] Negotiating and Rethinking Local Culture: The Narratives of Indonesian Women Juggling Higher Education, Work, and Domestic Roles Aquarini PRIYATNA 2013년 12월
426 [V19-N4-5] Gender and Political Participation: News Consumption, Political Efficacy and Interpersonal Communication WEN Nainan, HAO Xiaoming, and Cherian GEORGE 2013년 12월
425 [V19-N4-V1] Overcoming the Curse of Early Marriage in Bangladesh Kazi Rabeya AME 2013년 12월
424 [V19-N4-V2] Coming Out of the Traditional Trap Pashupati KUNWAR 2013년 12월
423 [V19-N3-1] Weaving Women’s Agency into Representations of Marriage Migrants: Narrative Strategies with Reflective Practice Minjeong KIM 2013년 9월
422 [V19-N3-2] Dissident Voices: Women, Minority Status, and Criticism of the Nationalist Turkish State Umut ÖZKALELI 2013년 9월
421 [V19-N3-3] A Critical Review of Gender in South Korea’s Official Development Assistance Jisun SONG and Eun Mee KIM 2013년 9월
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