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저널 AJWS 목차 및 원문 목록
No Title Author Date
463 [V20-N4-2] Women’s Political Representation in Nepal: An Experience from the Constituent Assembly 2008 Tara KANEL 2014년 12월
462 [V20-N4-3] Intersections of Gender, Books, and Power: Converging Interests in Narratives Clara SARMENTO 2014년 12월
461 [V20-N4-4] Migration by Chinese Korean Women YANG Xue and ZHANG Jing Yue 2014년 12월
460 [V20-N4-V1] Palm Oil Plantations: Nowhere to Escape Renata Sandhi LIBRASWULAN 2014년 12월
459 [V20-N4-V2] The Gender Café Project: Cultivating Women’s Activism from the Inside Rotvatey SOVANN 2014년 12월
458 [V20-N4-BR] Salt and Saffron Sadaf JAMAL and Rajni SINGH 2014년 12월
457 [V20-N3-1] Nüxia: Historical Depiction and Modern Visuality NGO Sheau-Shi 2014년 9월
456 [V20-N3-2] Characterization of Female Protagonists in Video Games: A Focus on Lara Croft Hye-Won HAN with Se-Jin SONG 2014년 9월
455 [V20-N3-3] Persisting Silence: Sexual Slander, Mass Murder, and The Act of Killing Saskia E. WIERINGA 2014년 9월
454 [V20-N3-4] Working Women’s Strategy for Work-Care Balance: The Case of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Dewan Mahboob HOSSAIN and Rohaiza ROKIS 2014년 9월
453 [V20-N3-V1] A Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Exploring the Marginalized Status of Lesbians, Bisexual Women, and Trans-men in India Sutanuka BHATTACHARYA 2014년 9월
452 [V20-N3-V2] Armed Conflict and Women’s Agency: The Case of Swat, Pakistan Rehana WAGHA 2014년 9월
451 [V20-N3-V3] Promoting Women’s Capacity Building to Adapt to Climate Change in Uzbekistan Diloromkhon SHODIEVA, Nadejda VAKHITOVA, and Liliya ABBAZOVA 2014년 9월
450 [V20-N3-BR] Beyond Gender Bogyean OK 2014년 9월
449 [V20-N2-1] Asian Feminist Pedagogy and Women’s Empowerment: A Preliminary Analysis of EGEP LEE Myoung Sun 2014년 6월
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