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597 [V25-N1-1] Is democratic nomination good for women's candidacy? Examining the case of Taiwan Wan-Ying Yang & Joyce Gelb 2019년 3월
596 [V25-N1-2] Recoding the chaste kisaeng in Yi Hae-jo's Kang myŏng-hwa chŏn Carrie Middleditch 2019년 3월
595 [V25-N1-3] Tribal women's empowerment through the Forest Rights Act, 2006 in southern Rajasthan Mubashira Zaidi 2019년 3월
594 [V25-N1-4] Riverbank erosion and its impact on rural women: Case study of Ulania village in Bangladesh Khadiza Akter, Soma Dey & Shaakeel Hasan 2019년 3월
593 [V25-N1-5] Feminist menstrual activism in South Korea (1999–2012) Jieun Roh 2019년 3월
592 [V25-N1-V1] Individual and collective empowerment: Women's voices in the #MeToo movement in China Zhongxuan Lin & Liu Yang 2019년 3월
591 [V25-N1-V2] Embodied forms of politics and identity in South Asian protest movements: Pinjra Tod and Delhi Vanya Lochan 2019년 3월
590 [V25-N1-BR1] Childhoods in India: Traditions, trends and transformations Nandini Manjrekar 2019년 3월
589 [V25-N1-BR2] Her own hero: The origins of the women's self-defense movement El-Lim Kim 2019년 3월
588 [V24-N4-1] Culture, Islamic feminism, and the quest for legal reform in Indonesia Zezen Zaenal Mutaqin 2018년 12월
587 [V24-N4-2] Individualizing the sexual revolution in China: Staging, enjoying, and experiencing sexuality Zhongxuan Lin 2018년 12월
586 [V24-N4-3] Toward everyday practices of gender: Implications of feminist political ecology for gender mainstreaming in Korean ODA Souyeon Nam 2018년 12월
585 [V24-N4-4] Pro-women's policy advocacy movements in Indonesia: Struggles and reflections Elizabeth Kristi Poerwandari, Ratna Batara Munti, & Jackie Viemilawati 2018년 12월
584 [V24-N4-5] Caring for the grandmothers: Empowerment and making peace for the former Taiwanese “comfort women” in wellness workshops and Song of the reed Pin-chia Feng 2018년 12월
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