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AJWS Vol.24 No.3 has been published

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Date2018-09-06 13:54 Hit292













Preachers, pirates and peace-building: Examining non-violent hegemonic masculinities in Aceh


Rahel Kunz, Henri Myrttinen & Wening Udasmoro




The role of higher education in strengthening women’s participation in the workforce: The lived experiences of females in Japan


Diane Rodriguez-Kiino




Gender and labor ethics in aesthetic labor: Female students of specialized vocational home economics high schools in Korea


Kim Aera




Third generation sexism in workplaces: Evidence from India


Sangeeta Goel





Adding insult to injury: Sexual harassment in Hong Kong churches


Tso Hiu-Tung Jessica




Mothers, wives, and farmers: Stories of women ‘gone mad’


Kenette Jean Millondaga





Book reviews




Cyber crimes against women in India


Nadine Graham





Innovations in family planning: Case studies from India


Khongorzul Amarsanaa