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AJWS Vol.24 No.1 has been published

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Date2018-03-09 10:15 Hit552




Re-thinking 'matriarchy' in modern matriachal studies using two examples: The Khasi and the Mosuo
Heide Goettner-Abendroth

Meaning in absence: The case of tampon use among Chinese women
Liqi Ren, Denis Simon, & Jianfeng Wu

To veil or not to veil: Turkish and Iranian hijab policies and the struggle for recognition
Gi Yeon Koo & Ha Eun Han

A critical assessment of abortion law and its implementation in South Korea
Hyosin Kim & Hyun-A Bae

Female Korean golfers in the LPGA tour: Positive and negative outcomes
Hojun Sung, Young-A Yang, & Kisung Dennis Kwon

Book reviews

God's little daughters: Catholic women in nineteenth-century Manchuria, by Ji Li
El-Lim Kim

Controlling and sterring one's life
Lady driver: Stories of women behind the wheels, edited by Jayawati Shrivastava
Gautam Navlakha