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AJWS Vol.23 No.2 has been published

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Date2017-05-26 11:34 Hit615









Ambivalent gender power in interstitial space: The case of transnational South Korean mothers


Kyungju Ahn


Out of the shadows: Women and wage struggle in the RMG industry of Bangladesh


Soma Dey & Palash Basak


Korean women in the forest mushroom industry: A case study

Semyong Jeong & Kyunghee Shin


Recasting respectability: Imagination, desire and modernity among call-center workers in India

Swati Mishra


Just being real”: A post-colonial critique on Amerasian engagement in Central Luzon’s sex industry

Lora Chapman


Mother of orphans”- Sindhutai Sapkal

Kalaa Chenji & Raghavendra Sode


Indigenous women and the law: The consciousness of marginalized women in the Philippines

Arneil G. Gabriel




Book reviews


Motherhood and work in contemporary Japan

Norainie Ahmad


Marriage migration in Asia: Emerging minorities at the frontiers of nation-state

Jue Sun