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534 [V22-N4-1] The memory and experience of a workwoman: How do … WANG Xiaoping 2016 December
533 [V22-N4-2] A feminist pedagogy through online education CHUNG Young Ai 2016 December
532 [V22-N4-3] Transforming concepts into practices: Mainstreami… Hsingchen YANG 2016 December
531 [V22-N4-4] Has childcare become less of a burden in South Sung-Hee Lee 2016 December
530 [V22-N4-5] Medical missionaries in Guangzhou: The initiators… Xu Guangqiu 2016 December
529 [V22-N4-6] Acculturation as a frustration-negotiation cycle:… YOON Gyun-Soo and PARK Amie Meeae 2016 December
528 [V22-N4-7]Holding up half the sky? The continuity and change… LI Xiangmei 2016 December
527 [V22-N4-V1]Transnational feminism and women’s activism: Buil… Sangita KHAPUNG 2016 December
526 [V22-N4-V2] Her voice in the making: ICTs and the empowermen… Jue SUN 2016 December
525 [V22-N4-BR] Claiming place: On the agency of Hmong women Kim YangHee 2016 December
524 [V22-N3-1] Inter-caste marriage in Bali: A gendered analysis… June CAHYANINGTYAS 2016 September
523 [V22-N3-2] Broken global explorations: The lived experience … Kyungja JUNG, Haeyoung JANG, and Bronwen DALTON 2016 September
522 [V22-N3-3] Gender and migration: Employment of rural migrant… Chunlan GUO and Jianfa SHEN 2016 September
521 [V22-N3-4] Gender differences in personal and interpersonal … Nurit FINKEL and Marilyn P. SAFIR 2016 September
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